Hello! I am an interactive art director and creative brand consultant. Currently based at Hyper Island Stockholm. I am known for conceiving innovative brand platforms like 'The Never Ending Commercial' for Google Project Re:Brief. And 'The First Real-life Colorimetry Experience' for Akzo Nobel, Sikkens. I am up for new challenges. So shoot me!


Hans van Nood (creative, XXS): 'Ben is the one of most eager art directors that I have met sofar. Although he is in the business for years and has worked his way up as a leading art director / designer at Misteli agency he has the creative hunger of a rookie when it comes to 360 concepts. I am afraid he will be conceptually hungry for the rest of his life. Ben is a true creative and will be one of the best concept makers in the industry.'

Janna Stolp (creative, BSUR): 'The creative all-rounder: from concept to art direction, from identity design to copy. Ben gets excited when small ideas grow big. And not to forget he is a very friendly guy, nice to work with.'