About the Double Dutch.

Ingmar Larsen and Ben Langeveld are a creative team with a love for clever ideas and concepts - the ones that increase participation with the brand.

They worked as a creative team at 180 Amsterdam and currently at Silver + Partners in New York. They met each other at Hyper Island Stockholm. Where they started the One Hour Agency. An initiative that got picked up by the international ad press. This is what those who worked with them, said:

'You guys are pretty fucked up in the head, but I like that' - Brandon Pierce, CD, Sid Lee New York

'I like it. It's quick. It's efficient.' - Walter Naeslund, CD Honesty Stockholm

'I must say you guys are really breaking the template' - Rodrigo Moran, ACD, Ogilvy New York

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Ben:      + 1 347 884 3048

Ingmar:  + 1 347 884 3052


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