NoPhone is a project by Hyper Island and Silver + Partners NY creatives Ben Langeveld, Ingmar Larsen, Mariana Oliveira, Alanna Watson and Van Gould, and is a “a technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact“. The 3D printed device was designed to “fulfill all smartphone-holding needs without preventing the user to engage in real life interactions.” They want to target the “compulsory need in humans to continuously engage in physical contact with a piece of plastic” (apparently we check our phones 150 times on average each day); a need which has “noticeably diminished human-to-human interactions.” “It’s sleek (not so sleek actually – AAB), plastic design serves as an idle hand’s security blanket and is devised to alleviate the constant need humans have to hold a mobile device without preventing users from fully experiencing their immediate surroundings.” So, if you want to “combat the rapid decline of real life social engagement that has stemmed from chronic smartphone use” this is your device!


3D printed noPhone

3D printed noPhone