Blink is an application that allows small business entrepreneurs to measue the quality of their customer service. Customers are able to give companies ‘blinks’ for great service. Employees can earn a ‘Blinker’ badge for their service-mindedness which they can proudly display on their LinkedIn Profile.

Created by Larsen & Langeveld

Save the Tiger

Problem: We have lost 97% of our wild tigers. With only as few 3,200 are in the world and its number de- creasing, we need to start a movement on a global scale to inform the masses and create awareness. 

Idea: We aim to create awareness through a simple and easy message by just changing the label of the bottle. 

Created by Larsen
Client: Young Glory Bronze 


Spotify Mixtape 

Pitched at Spotify, own inniative and project and worked with two great motion graphic designers. Remember the days of the mixtape? Dancing all night long to the same songs. Getting to know your friends, letting your lovers know who you are. Hours spent perfecting the mix that would stand all time. Playlist dried out be personality of sharing music. They are forgotten before they are even finished. We want to
re-introduce the mix tape for a digital generation. The Spotify mixtape brings back personality to digital sharing.

Created by: Larsen